“I am happy, enjoing being me and importantly, have the self belief and quiet assurance that I know who I am regardless of others around me.”


Do you find that you think of yourself critically and harshly?

Do you find that it’s difficult for you to conquer any fear of failure?

Does that fear of failure or of suffering create anxiety that holds you back from achieving success in your life?

Holding you back from achieving your dreams both personally and professionally?

Lack of confidence is something that most people face at some time in their life, whether it’s about one particular event such as making a presentation or more general and pervasive.


The good news is that it is very possible to change how you feel
about yourself and master self confidence.


Let go of any negative self appraisal and to see yourself and your life in a positive light.


Overcome the root causes of any lack of confidence and feel that you deserve success in your life.


Become aware of strengths and abilities that you may not have been consciously aware of.


Develop and build your confidence so that you can feel really good about yourself.


Apply this confidence to your work, personal and home life so that you can reach for your full potential!

First consultation is free so we can find the best way I can help.

“I have been planning a new business venture for a couple of years, but something was holding me back. I was persuaded by a friend to visit Gabrielle and will be forever thankful that I did! With Gabrielle’s guidance I identified what was holding me back – a lack of inner confidence that went way back to my childhood. We worked on changing this – my confidence increased in myself and my business venture was able to take off! Thank you Gabrielle for all the help you gave me just when I needed it.”



Embarking on a journey to boost your confidence through hypnotherapy unlocks the door to a world of self-assurance, empowerment, and potential. Picture a life where you walk with an unwavering sense of self-belief, radiating confidence in every step you take.

Imagine stepping into a room with confidence, sure of your own self-worth. Through hypnotherapy, you can rewire the beliefs and patterns stored deep within your subconscious, replacing self-doubt with confidence and self-assurance. As you tap into your inner reservoir of strength and resilience, you’ll find yourself standing tall, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

See the future opportunities that await you as you embrace your newfound confidence. With each passing day, you’ll find yourself seizing new opportunities and achieving your goals with ease. Whether it’s excelling in your career, forming deep and meaningful relationships, or pursuing your hobbies and interests, hypnotherapy empowers you to step into the authentic expression of yourself.

Picture a future where you live life on your own terms, unencumbered by the limitations of self-doubt and insecurity. With hypnotherapy as your guide, you can cultivate a mindset of abundance and possibility, where every setback is seen as a stepping stone to success, and every challenge is embraced as an opportunity for growth.


If you are ready to start making positive changes to how you feel contact Gabrielle today to book your complimentary Zoom consultation. Or go right ahead and book a session Once we’ve built up your confidence who knows what you will be capable of!