Confidential, individual sessions in person

Following your complimentary Skype or phone consultation
we book an initial two hour appointment. During this appointment we discuss what changes you would like to see in yourself and your life and I explain how I and hypnotherapy work. Goals are set for what we are working towards for you. We then do a full hypnotherapy session to start to help you to get some immediate relief from any problems to start working towards your goals. This usually involves you resting on my comfortable chair while listening to the sound of my voice guiding you into a relaxed and focused state. Each following session (usually for one hour but longer can be booked in advance) we spend a short time on feedback to review your progress and goals before hypnotherapy.

Confidential, individual sessions by Skype

This service is especially for you if you are out of our location or unable to travel to Oasis Hypnosis to benefit from our specialist services. The sessions follow the same format as the sessions in person but in the comfort of your own home. Appointments can be booked within your time zone and payments made through the convenience of PayPal.
All you will need is a Skype or Facetime connection, with high speed internet; speakers or a comfortable headset; motivation and a sincere desire to make changes.

Specialist Audio Downloads

If you would like to work on making changes independently or would like to reinforce changes that you’ve already made then audio downloads can help you to do just that. Audio downloads are being added to the collection frequently – it’s best to first check if the title you are looking for is available here. If it’s not yet available then please contact Gabrielle, here, to discuss what you need – it’s possible there’s an audio with that title that’s already on its way or for Gabrielle to custom make an audio for you.
Once you download your purchased audio find somewhere comfortable and supportive (an armchair or your bed will be perfect), in a time when you are unlikely to be disturbed. Press play, close your eyes and listen. As you open your eyes at the end notice how great you feel and confident that the deeper part of your mind will continue to process what you have just heard and experienced. Try to listen daily – evenings are perfect.

let’s take the first step together

If you are ready to start making positive changes to how you feel contact Gabrielle today to book your complimentary Skype consultation. Or go right ahead and book a session Once we’ve built up your confidence who knows what you will be capable of!

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