It’s time to stop holding yourself back…

Is your relationship beginning to feel the strain? Do your opinions and skills get overlooked at work? Are you missing out on life? Is the reason anxiety? Whether it’s the everyday anxiety that we all experience or anxiety that is overwhelming anxiety can be annoying, frustrating, upsetting and damaging. Amazingly however disabling anxiety is most people don’t receive the help and support that can make a huge difference.
Within hypnosis Gabrielle brings together the most effective therapies for anxiety, worries or fears into a tailor made program for you. In this way she have helped hundreds of people to feel confident and connected in their relationships, achieve their goals at work and school, to enjoy their social lives and to have wonderful holidays (having overcome specific phobias such as travelling by plane or underground train and not worrying about spiders or lizards).

The Process

The good news is that fears and phobias are treatable so you can
live your life to the full feeling confident and calm!

Learn techniques to let go of negative, critical and anxious thoughts and overcome the root causes of anxiety.

Stop worrying about the future and look forward to opportunities. Live in the moment.

Become aware of strengths and abilities that you may not have been consciously aware of.

Access a calmer and quieter part of your mind.

Achieve and maintain confidence, calmness and clarity.

First consultation is free so we can find the best way I can help.

“Everyone, has a moment in their life, where maybe their deep down thoughts need to be re-taught or re-learned.

Gabrielle through her training in hypnosis, and natural empathy with her patients, can find that place, which can help each of us to move forward and re-start life again, with a bit more confidence and a renewed direction. Her calming voice, her trusting way and her caring nature, create a warm environment in which to share our own personal challenges, and participate in the unique (but often misunderstood) technique of hypnotherapy.”

The Benefits

Being able to live your life free from the pain of excessive anxiety allows
you to enjoy the all different parts of your life.

It gives you the confidence in yourself and your own abilities to achieve your goals whether at work or in your personal or social life. It helps to give you clarity as you clear your mind of negative and anxious thoughts allowing you to focus more clearly on what you want in life. It gives a sense of calmness and peacefulness within, allowing you to enjoy living in the present moment and experiencing your life to the full.

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