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Do you find that you are eating when you feel happy, sad, bored, lonely or anxious? Does it make you feel out of control? Is there a constant internal battle going on within you? Is this undermining your self esteem and creating a vicious cycle of eating and anxiety? Is this creating anxiety about your health, your figure, your looks and your self control?
Then it’s time to take that control back! Not with your conscious mind but at a deeper level – overcoming that internal battle- finding new ways of responding to emotions. Changing your relationship not only with food but with your emotions and yourself!

The Process

The good news is that this is not about a diet or Gabrielle telling you
what to eat! This is a change in lifestyle as you start to respond
differently and healthily to your emotions.

Start to recognise when you are hungry and when you are full.

Feel confident to recognise different emotions and how to respond to them healthily.

Cut out cravings and make lifestyle changes that you can maintain.

Learn how to maintain your new lifestyle.

Feel happy with who you are – physically, emotionally and mentally!

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“I think we did it! Finally, I seem able to stabilize my weight. No more yo-yo-ing. Through this process I seem to have stumbled into the right balance and chemistry. I am convinced, you found “the switch” and that the ups and downs were related somehow to my mindset and not necessarily as a direct result of food or physical action. I feel really balanced and almost sub-consciously in control. It feels much better than the mindful “Don’t Eat that”, “Cannot Eat this” and “not for you”. My internal negative dialogue has vanished and I don’t even notice it is gone. I feel great.”
J.K. March 2013

The Benefits

Responding healthily and effectively to your emotions helps
you to feel in control of your life.

Feeling in control builds your self-esteem allowing you to connect with your inner strengths and go on to achieve other great things in your life!
Taking control of your appetite allows you to manage your weight and to have the figure and size that suits you.
You will notice that all of these benefits just lead to more positive lifestyle changes – it’s quite usual for people to start or to increase their exercise, start a relationship and to become more ambitious and successful at work.

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