It’s time to stop that mind chatter and those worries…

Do you find yourself worrying about every aspect of your life, big or small? Does this happen even when there is no real reason to worry? Is your daily life a constant state or source of worry? Do you often expect the worst from an experience or situation? Do find it difficult to focus and function in your professional and personal life? Are you unable to relax or let go of worrying thoughts? Do you get frequent headaches, nausea or muscle tension? Do you often feel angry or irritable?
Then it’s time to reach out for help to stop those unnecessary worries and all those ‘what ifs’ that create a constant and persistent disturbing mind chatter.

The Process

The good news is that it is possible to let go of anxiety
and take control again of your mind and body.

Learn fast and effective ways to relax your mind and your body.

Build up your self esteem and confidence.

Explore and understand your thought patterns and start to practice new more helpful thought patterns.

Explore and overcome any underlying causes of anxiety.

Develop a healthy lifestyle to reduce anxiety further and promote calmness and mindfulness.

First consultation is free so we can find the best way I can help.

“I had tried over many years different forms of treatment to deal with unhelpful thinking. My approach to Oasis Hypnosis was one of last resort and with feelings of trepidation as I had never previously used hypnotherapy. However, the results far exceeded my expectations that started with the positive impact from the initial session. Very quickly I gained confidence in the sessions and the manner of delivery and felt the programme of self-help was genuinely brining benefit that was improving my quality of life. The course of treatment covered three months and over this time I developed better ways to deal with unhelpful thoughts and subsequent anxiety. I have no doubt in recommending Gabrielle to anyone trying to deal with unhelpful thinking.”

The Benefits

Allowing your mind to become calmer and quieter allows to you to not
only feel good about yourself, but also re-energises and revitalises you.

Suddenly all that energy that was being used up by worrying is now being freed up for you to use in positive ways. Calming your mind and building your confidence and trust in yourself allows you greater focus on opportunities in your professional and personal life. This allows you to be more present in the moment and able to enjoy it giving greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

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