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Are you finding that your past experiences have made you anxious about relationships? Or have you brought unhelpful patterns from past experiences into your current relationship? Do you sometimes find yourself feeling or being detached, distant, cold or aloof, possessive or clingy? Withholding love or punishing? Rejecting, retreating or pushing your partner away? Do you ever feel that you are sabotaging your own relationship or are too anxious to even start one? Is there some aspect of your relationship that causes you to feel anxious? Or are you finding it difficult to start or finish a relationship? Or have you experienced a relationship breakup that you are finding it difficult to come to terms with?
Anxiety causes problems in relationships such as insecurity, jealousy, lack of trust, distance and emotional barriers.
Relationship problems also can cause anxiety which highlight and increase problems in relationships.

The Process

The good news is that you can change old patterns, develop new strengths
and learn what you need in a relationship in hypnotherapy.

Become aware of your own inner strengths and resilience and use those strengths to allow some vulnerability and openness.

Explore what you want and need in a relationship, recognising unhelpful patterns and habits.

Overcome root causes of any old unhelpful patterns.

Identify and create new helpful relationship habits and learn how to maintain them.

Cope with grief and loss of a relationship.

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“When I first met Gabrielle I was still in an abusive relationship that had gone on for many years. Gabrielle helped me to renew my self-confidence, to set boundaries, look for support and eventually to leave. I now know what type of person I need in my life, and won’t accept anything less.”
L. K.

The Benefits

Meaningful connections and satisfying, fulfilling relationships are
(in my opinion) the most important aspects of our lives.

Overcoming anxiety allows you to feel confident enough in yourself to create meaningful connections whether you are in the process of starting, maintaining or getting over a relationship.
Secure, trusting and loving relationships will boost and be boosted by your confidence providing you with a stable foundation for other aspects of your life.

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