Confidence and success at school…

Do you find it difficult to focus or work in class? Do you find it difficult to organize your homework or revision or stick to your schedule? Do you get anxious about exams or presentations so that it affects how you do? Do you get bullied or picked on?
If you are finding any of your time at school difficult then there are ways that hypnotherapy can help. As you experience hypnotherapy you are learning to control how you respond in different situations. That can make it easier for you to study, easier for you to keep a calm clear mind in exams, easier to walk away from those bullies or to reach out to someone at school who can help.

The Process

The good news is that there is a way to improve study skills
and to also feel more confident

Talk about the problems you have had and you would like things to be instead.

Build confidence in yourself – your inner strengths and abilities.

Learn new techniques to help you feel confident and focused including self-hypnosis.

Develop new ways of dealing with any problems at school.

Practice all of your new skills and strengths until you are sure you can maintain your confidence and calmness.

First consultation is free so we can find the best way I can help.

“I brought our son to see Gabrielle after we had found out about him being bullied at school. Even though the bullying was stopped by the school he had lost all confidence in himself and did not want to go back to school. After just a few sessions with Gabrielle this has all changed and he is back to his old self again! Thank you Gabrielle for helping our son to feel confident again.”

The Benefits

Reducing anxiety means happier and healthier thoughts, feelings,
behaviour and even physical body.

For a teen this not only makes their present time at school easier and more satisfying but also helps to prevent anxiety disorders developing as adults. Experience is changed from self doubt and inner criticism to healthy self esteem and a positive outlook.
Knowing that exam and test results reflect your abilities alleviates frustration and means that at last school can become more interesting and enjoyable.
All these benefits and more can provide you or your teen with the knowledge and confidence they need regarding their own inner strengths and abilities to move through their lives overcoming challenges and achieving their goals.

If you or your teen…

  • Worry excessively and uncontrollably about everyday and future things then please take a look at my page about General Anxiety Disorder here.
  • Have an intense fear of social or performance experiences especially of embarrassing yourself or being negatively judged by others please take a look at my page about Social Anxiety Disorder here.
  • Have persistent unreasonable fears (that means fearing something more than any danger it could pose) then please take a look at my page about Phobias and Fears here.

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School and Teens

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