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Do you find that you bring anxiety to work and find it difficult to function? Or is your work causing so much stress and anxiety that you are bringing it home? Do you find that anxiety is affecting your performance at work or at school? Does anxiety affect your relationship with your colleagues or boss? Do you find it difficult to cope with deadlines, meetings or making presentations? Pressure and stress seem to be accepted nowadays as a normal part of the working day as our lives become busier and more cluttered. Although some pressure is helpful (to keep us on task – focused and motivated), too much can lead to some unhelpful responses due to the increasing anxiety it causes. These may be overeating, increasing caffeine or alcohol, smoking, medication or loss of sleep.

The Process

Using hypnotherapy Gabrielle can help you to

Overcome common workplace fears and develop resilience and hardiness.

Increase motivation and enjoyment to boost your performance at work.

Make confident presentations and assertively express your views.

Boost your focus and be more productive.

Feel confident in your own strengths and abilities and change unhealthy coping methods e.g. smoking, drinking or overeating.

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“Working with Gabrielle is one of the best things I have ever done, for both my mental and physical health. We worked together to address deep underlying issues that had been holding me back, personally and professionally. In the very first session I was able to surmount a hurdle that had been a constant factor throughout my adult life, and in so doing I was free to look at my life from a myriad of new angles. It was illuminating, enlightening and encouraging. I wholeheartedly recommend Gabrielle, her level of professionalism is unquestionable and is matched only by her empathy for her clients.”

The Benefits

Feeling able to meet deadlines, make presentations and speak up
in meetings all have the effect of making you feel good about yourself.

Removing work place anxiety not only increases your performance, focus and enjoyment at work but can also drastically improve the quality of other aspects of your life – your personal and social life.

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