“I am power walking for 30 minutes each morning”

After trying cold turkey/willpower, nicotine patches, acupuncture and whatever else came my way I can quite honestly say that after meeting with Gabrielle for 3 x 1 hour sessions I am now into month 4 of being (totally) nicotine free.
Since quitting cigarettes so many aspects of my life have improved including the pursuit of my favorite hobby scuba diving. Now I can reach nearly 45 minutes underwater with 1 x air tank whereas when i was puffing 3 packs per day 25 minutes underwater was an achievement.
I still have the temptation now and again but it’s manageable and although my appetite has increased I am power walking for 30 minutes each morning to counter balance the weight gain. Such activities were on my wish list while smoking and I really enjoy pounding around the Westbay streets during early mornings (I’m not really a gym and treadmill type of person).
I still enjoy a drink (or several) when home with my family in Dubai so for all you smokers thinking about quitting via hypnosis………go for it but my only advise is to believe it will work before your first session and trust me it will work for you too.