“Hypnosis is about trusting someone to guide you to the answers within”

Trusting someone you don’t know can be a difficult thing for many people. Letting them give you a subliminal message, even if you are paying them to do so, is a giant leap of trust. I went to Gabrielle for a hypnosis session in September a couple of days prior to surgery. My aim? To not get super sick from the anesthetic and to be able to sleep. I knew I was in for a few months of healing and that sleep was an essential part of the healing process. We started with one image and when that one didn’t work, I asked for what I needed and let Gabrielle get to work. I was ‘out’ in seconds and when I was brought back around, I jumped in my car and carried on with my evening. That night, I tried the image I was given to fall asleep and next thing I know, it was 7am. That rarely happens to me. Ever. Now, it is the norm, thanks to Gabrielle and hypnosis. Hypnosis is about trusting someone to guide you to the answers within. We all need help sometimes. This is a safe, pain free solution to a myriad of hurts or phobias or chronic ‘I can’t’s. Can’t hurt to try it!