Gabrielle’s years of experience and training combined with her
intuitive and empathetic personality can help you to start feeling
more calm, confident and in control today.


Overcome anxiety to create a
peaceful and calm mind allowing you
to have greater clarity and focus

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Resolve unhealthy patterns and
create deeper connections for
fulfilling and healthy relationships

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work & school

Develop great focus, concentration
and confidence to achieve your full
potential at home or at work

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Build up your confidence so you can
feel your own self-worth and go
onto achieve your goals

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Phobias & Fears

Get to the root of any phobias so you
can say ‘Good-bye to fear’ and ‘Hello
to self-confidence!’

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Emotional Eating

Take control of your lifestyle and beat
emotional eating so you can feel
healthy and fit

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Trauma and loss

Overcome trauma and cope with loss
so that you can feel good about
yourself again

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Physical wellness

Reduce pain, nausea and other
physical problems, boosting your
immune system to maximise your health

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Talk to Gabrielle about what you would
like to change and how she can help in
your personal complimentary
consultation (30 minutes all for you on
phone or by Skype).
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