Enjoy a calmer and more confident you as you feel more confident, as you reduce and banish the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and sensations of anxiety.


Give yourself a real boost by increasing your confidence – overcoming self doubts and looking forward to achieving your goals.

Emotional Eating

Beat emotional eating by feeling the strength and resilience within yourself to recognise and respond to emotions healthily. Not a diet – a change of mindset and lifestyle.

General Anxiety

Banish those ‘what ifs?’ and doubts from your mind, calm your mind and body down so that you can start to enjoy a more confident you.


A safe place is provided for you to talk about how you feel and to find your strength to feel the grief and pain of loss. Then we also help you to adjust to your life without your loved one.


Gabrielle is available to help with any aspects of parenthood – fertility, pregnancy, labour & birth, parenting and loss.

Phobias and Fears

Enjoy life without worrying about having to deal with a fear or phobia. Deal with the root cause of fear as well as the symptoms.

Physical Illness

Whether you are suffering from pain, an illness or from treatment hypnotherapy can help you to feel more comfortable and to boost your immune system.


Hypnotherapy can help you to recognise what you need and can give in any type of relationship. Insight can be gained into old unhelpful patterns which we can then work on to change.

School and teens

Develop better work habits, overcome exam anxiety, feel more confident in who you are.


Get a good night’s sleep! Sleep peacefully and deeply so that you can wake feeling refreshed and ready for your day. Woman sleeping in a bed in a dark bedroom

Social Anxiety

Feel confident and good about yourself when you’re with other people or making a presentation.

Stop Smoking

Kick the habit once and for all – take back control of your life and look forward to all the things that you will gain.


A combination of EMDR and hypnotherapy techniques will help you to start to let go of the effects of trauma on you and your life.


Build up your focus, motivation and confidence so that you can reach your full potential at work.

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