“Do not think twice about starting Hypnotherapy. I was going through chemo it was amazing how much it helped me. It helped me to stay positive, focused and relaxed.”


Have you recently be diagnosed with an illness?

Are you awaiting test results? Are you suffering from treatment side effects like nausea, fatigue or headaches?

Are you suffering from chronic pain or disability?

Does your health, your body, mind and life feel out of control?


If you are experiencing any of these situations then it’s likely that you have also experienced some anxiety about your health or your treatment that may be affecting your quality of life. Anxiety not only makes it more difficult to cope with illness and treatment but can also exacerbate symptoms that you have already experienced e.g. anxiety can experience fatigue or nausea.


The good news is that hypnotherapy with Gabrielle can help you to reduce pain and nausea,
feel comfortable and boost your immune system.


Reduce pain, nausea and fatigue and other physical symptoms.


Increase your ability to cope with illness, treatment and everyday life.


Have confidence to deal with difficult emotions such as anger, sadness and anxiety that may be impacting your health.


Learn self hypnosis, mental imagery and relaxation techniques to increase your ability to focus on positive aspects of your life.


Feel in control and problem solve, plan and goal set with a clear mind.

First consultation is free so we can find the best way I can help.

“ Trusting someone you don’t know can be a difficult thing for many people. Letting them give you a subliminal message, even if you are paying them to do so, is a giant leap of trust. I went to Gabrielle for a hypnosis session in September a couple of days prior to surgery. My aim? To not get super sick from the anesthetic and to be able to sleep. I knew I was in for a few months of healing and that sleep was an essential part of the healing process. We started with one image and when that one didn’t work, I asked for what I needed and let Gabrielle get to work. I was ‘out’ in seconds and when I was brought back around, I jumped in my car and carried on with my evening. That night, I tried the image I was given to fall asleep and next thing I know, it was 7am. That rarely happens to me. Ever. Now, it is the norm, thanks to Gabrielle and hypnosis. Hypnosis is about trusting someone to guide you to the answers within. We all need help sometimes. This is a safe, pain free solution to a myriad of hurts or phobias or chronic ‘I can’t’s. Can’t hurt to try it!”



Hypnotherapy provides a distinctive way for managing physical illness by tapping into the mind’s remarkable capacity to foster healing and well-being.

Through relaxation and targeted mental techniques, it has the potential to mitigate pain, alleviate symptoms, and amplify the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Hypnotherapy also equips you with invaluable tools to navigate the emotional terrain of illness, easing stress and cultivating a more optimistic perspective on your health journey. It seamlessly integrates with conventional medical treatments, fostering a holistic approach to wellness that addresses both the physical and emotional dimensions of healing.

Visualise the impact of reducing pain perception and enhancing your body’s natural healing processes, as you reclaim a sense of control and vitality in the face of illness. With each session, you’ll find yourself gaining greater resilience and inner strength, enabling you to face the challenges of illness.


If you are ready to start making positive changes to how you feel contact Gabrielle today to book your complimentary Zoom consultation. Or go right ahead and book a session Once we’ve built up your confidence who knows what you will be capable of!