“That night, I tried the image I was given to fall asleep and next thing I know, it was 7am. That rarely happens to me. Ever. Now, it is the norm, thanks to Gabrielle and Hypnosis.”


Do you find it difficult to sleep or to stay asleep?

If you are not getting the right quality and quantity of sleep, then the impact of this can be felt throughout every aspect of your life whether it’s your health, your ability to function at work or in your relationships.

It affects your emotions and your perception of yourself and your experiences. Most people experience an occasional night when they find it difficult to sleep but if you experience regular difficulty in falling or staying asleep, or experience excessive tiredness during the day then it’s time to get some help so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Hypnosis is often experienced as being in a state between waking and sleeping, a dream-like state during which you can relearn how to switch off any conscious thoughts or worries about sleep and start to trust that you can drift off and back to sleep each night. In hypnosis it’s also possible to resolve other worries that might have been stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep.


The good news is that sleep problems are treatable so you can live your life
to the full feeling revitalised and refreshed every morning!


Build trust in yourself – to fall asleep naturally.


Overcome any underlying causes of the sleep problems.


Learn breathing and self-hypnosis techniques to calm your body and mind so you can drift into sleep naturally and effortlessly again.


Make changes to your evening routines to build up healthy pre-sleep habits.


Practice all of your new skills and strengths until you are sure you can always sleep peacefully at night.

First consultation is free so we can find the best way I can help.

“When I first met Gabrielle I was struggling to focus at work and had become very irritable at home which was affecting my relationship with my wife. I had tried different medications both natural and not but they all seemed to make me feel sluggish in the morning. I was so frustrated with myself and couldn’t seem to turn off my thoughts! I quickly started to notice the difference, my mind became calmer and I started to change my evening routine. At last I now find it easy to fall asleep, I can focus again at work and my wife is happy that I am back to my old self! Thank you Gabrielle this has changed my life!”

D.P. February 2016


Sleeping well also regulates our natural appetite control
(the hormone leptin) and natural appetite stimulant (the hormone ghrelin).

So starting to sleep well will have benefits throughout your day. You will be able to perform more effectively and efficiently at work.

Your mind will be free of anxieties regarding sleep. Your immune system and general health will be improved and the risk of long term health difficulties reduced.

You will have greater clarity, memory and recall. Your mood will improve and become more stable. Difficult emotions will be easier to deal with. If you are trying to control your weight it will be easier.

You will have more energy and vitality. And so much more! Overcoming any difficulties with sleep allows your body to recover each night and for your mind to process thoughts from the day in a peaceful state without the need for any conscious effort! This allows you to wake feeling refreshed mentally and physically and to enjoy your life fully!


If you are ready to start making positive changes to how you feel contact Gabrielle today to book your complimentary Zoom consultation. Or go right ahead and book a session Once we’ve built up your confidence who knows what you will be capable of!